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Xenoglossy / Glossalalia / Speaking in Tongues
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Mind, Body, Spirit - Doctoral Research Project
Unusual Phenomenon w/focus on Xenoglossy - Glossalia


Unlocking the complexity and immense interconnectedness of all Life is my Goal.

The scientific, metaphysical, religious, and otherwise joined mechanisms involved, dictate the properties and processes of the natural world and is the major goal of my research. To this end, I seek to acquire a detailed understanding of many systems and how these various systems function together to generate the observations and measurements from my experimentation.


So, I invite you to participate. Answer the questions on the form and I will get back to you to schedule your intake interview. There is no compensation for your participation, however, you will recieve greate benefits from just being involved in the research study.

Thank you.

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From Wikipedia - Xenoglossy (/ˌziːnəˈɡlɒsi, ˌzɛ-, -noʊ-/),[1] also written xenoglossia (/ˌziːnəˈɡlɒsiə, ˌzɛ-, -noʊ-/)[2][3] and sometimes also known as xenolalia, is the supposedly paranormal phenomenon in which a person is able to speak or write a language they could not have acquired by natural means. The words derive from the Ancient Greek xenos (ξένος), "foreigner" and glōssa (γλῶσσα), "tongue" or "language".[4] The term xenoglossy was ostensibly coined by French parapsychologist Charles Richet in 1905. Stories of xenoglossy are found in the New Testament, and contemporary claims of xenoglossy have been made by parapsychologists and reincarnation researchers such as Ian Stevenson


I have found over the years, through rigorous research, that I am speaking real languages from specific regions of the planet, and the words that are spoken are words of love to help uplift humanity and it is time for these vibrations of sound to be grounded in the planet.

Just like many of you, these are languages which I have not studied, but I also know that I am

meant to share the vibrational content of these messages with humanity and the planet.

Although I may not be able to interpret the language being expressed in any given moment, I do however, feel the undertone of what is being said. I have been told by people in attendance when they hear me speak, they'll say something like- You're speaking Portuguese, or Japanese. During a phone call with a Lakota Elder as he listened he stated,  you are a Divine Oracle speaking the language of the Lakota.

What I do know is that I have heard the same languages that I am speaking, spoken by others.

I am currently aware of 8 languages. several come from the area around the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. The languages involved that I am aware of so far are Portuguese, Japanese, Igbo from Nigeria,  a language from the region of Ethiopia, Lakota, Cree and the others I don't know the name of yet. If you ever hear me and recognize the sound of the language, please do tell me what it is!! Thanks.

We are planning a trip to ground the frequencies of these languages in their region of origin, the purpose being, to raise the vibration where war and turmoil have stained the land with blood.

Thank you for supporting our mission with  your donations. And should you happen to catch a familiar phrase, or understand what you hear as you listen, please let me know, you can send an email to

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